Custom Granite Adding Brilliance to Your Aurora Home

Custom granite finishes are a highly sought-after upgrade in Aurora homes. The sleek sophistication and unique styling make custom granite a rich addition to your home. While custom granite provides a rich look to any room it is in, you certainly don't have to be rich to afford it. Custom granite finishes in Aurora are more affordable than you might think. Your local natural stone retailer will be more than happy to discuss your design vision and budget with you during a consultation.
Granite Flooring
Granite has many applications and one of the more common ones is flooring. Granite is a hard igneous rock that is formed below the earth's surface from magma, feldspar, quartz and various other minerals. The slow formation and cooling process makes this stone one of the hardest natural stones, second only to diamond. This durability is one of the many reasons that granite is a popular material for stone flooring. Custom granite flooring can take the look of your home from ordinary to extraordinary in very little time. Granite flooring will last a lifetime in your home if it is properly cared for, and it isn't difficult to maintain. Granite is non-porous and therefore it can resist moisture and staining. This is another popular feature of custom granite flooring. It is recommended to reseal your granite flooring annually to maintain its beauty and shine. Along with its toughness, granite is also truly stunning. There are no two pieces of granite that will look exactly alike. The natural formation of this stone causes different patterns and unique colourings in the stone, so even tiles cut from the same slab will have variations in them. In a tile flooring application this can be an asset to your design. Custom flooring tiles can also have several different finishes when using granite as your natural stone material. Polished granite is a popular choice. The high-gloss shine attracts the eye and makes for a stunning showpiece in your home. The wide variety of colours and markings available in polished granite also allow this custom flooring to enhance the beauty of any decor. Custom granite can also have a honed surface. This type of finish gives the granite a matte look. It is as beautiful as the polished granite, and it offers more friction than polished granite when it is wet. This aspect of a honed finish makes it a popular choice in bathrooms and entranceways.
Granite Countertops
Custom granite countertops have taken off as one of the more popular material choices for kitchen countertops in recent years. While marble is still often used, consumers are looking to the durability, scratch, stain and moisture resistance of granite for their kitchen countertops. Granite slabs can be cut to fit your countertop area in one piece; however more complex counters may require some cuts to be made. Custom granite countertops are available in the same finishes as the flooring tiles and it offers the same exquisiteness and increased value and visual appeal to your home. A custom granite upgrade for your home in Aurora is the affordable change you are looking for.