Modernize with Custom Countertops in Your Vaughn Kitchen and Bathroom

For many people the home is source of pride and their most important investment, and as such should be given the care and attention it deserves to keep it bright and beautiful over time. When considering upgrades or renovations, there are many different options to choose from for sprucing up the home, which can be utilized to give a dated look a more modern appearance, but none are better than a set of custom countertops to breathe life into your Vaughan home renovation project.
Paint – This is probably one of the fastest ways to change the look at feel of a room, but also the most common. Changing the colour of a room can bring a whole new vibe to the space and can help your current décor take on a fresh feeling. The downside to this is that painted walls rarely present the same spectacular feeling a year later. The sun tends to dull them and the light-blocking picture frames leave them looking patchy and weathered in no time.
New Accessories – Changing the furniture, appliances, or art can temporarily give the impression of an impressive change, but these things become dated very quickly as trends evolve and don't have the longevity to see you through the decades.
Renovations – Costly, messy, and a major inconvenience to your life and your home. These can take months to complete and in the meantime you and your family feel displaced and invaded.
Custom Countertops – Installing custom countertops in Vaughan is an ideal solution to update a room and make it more functional. Many older homes feature countertops which are made of wood that has lost its luster and vitality years ago. Wood provides a playground for bacteria and other germs to grow and thrive in and can be easily damaged. Choosing a product such as stone for custom countertops provides not only beauty and functionality, but also substance and durability.
Which Natural Stone is the Right One?
When it comes to installing custom countertops in Vaughan home renovation projects there are a variety of options, each one with unique benefits. The main stones that most people are installing are granite, marble, and travertine as they tend to last the longest and have the most sophisticated looks for the home. Granite tends to be the most popular due to its affordability and availability. It comes in a wide variety of colours and styles and boasts the main draw of being non-porous which means that liquids and dust will be unable to penetrate its surface, making it ideal for the kitchen. Marble is the second-rated choice as its natural beauty and unique colour veins lend themselves well to the bathroom or kitchen and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Travertine is quite popular because it shares many similar properties with granite but is made of limestone which is a fairly common and inexpensive material that is plentiful and easy to install. While travertine certainly lasts a long time, marble and granite when properly cared for can easily outlive the homeowners and remain the most logical choice when installing custom countertops. Whichever natural stone you choose, rest assure that they will add a class and elegance to your Vaughan home that far outweighs their cost.