The Benefits and Advantages of Custom Countertops for Oakville Home Renovations

Big projects are often very stressful but exciting. The goal is to change the old and impress with the new. One decision that needs to be made is what kind of materials to use for floors and countertops. There are several options to choose from, but only one stands superior to the others and that is stone. Stone is classy, long lasting and functional. Its only downfall is the weight, and a slightly higher cost, but the pros will outweigh the cons as shown below.
Options for custom countertops in Oakville homes are discussed below:
Ceramic Tile – Ceramic can be stylish and sleek, but most often these tiles are found on walls or as splash backs. They are prone to damage due to their fragile nature, and with grout and caulking, they can collect dirt and require some maintenance.
Wooden Materials – Wood is very useful in certain situations, and as a countertop surface there are definite benefits, but there are also many downfalls. They are prone to scratching and chipping and will eventually become porous allowing moisture to enter, causing an increased rate of deterioration. Refinishing the surface or needing a full replacement can be very costly and is required after only a small period of time.
Linoleum Countertops – the most economical way to finish a kitchen or bathroom, but not as nice looking as the alternatives. Linoleum has a tendency to go out of style quickly, and breaks down after a few years. There are many colours and designs to choose from.
Stone Countertops – Stone countertops are at the top of the list for improving a space. With marble, limestone, traditional and exotic granite, and quartzite to choose from, the options are plentiful. They all have different colours to choose from and have unique looks.
Benefits of stone countertops are as follows:
Heat resistant – Stone can handle high temperatures without showing any signs of damage or discolouration. This works out especially well in kitchen applications where there are hot pots and pans needing to be placed down.
Scratch and chip resistant – Due to the high density of stone, dropping heavy items and using knives and other sharp object is not usually an issue.
Non-porous – Again, due to the high density of stone and the finish that is applied to the product, moisture is not an issue and the surface is cleaned up with ease.
Additional Value – Stone products can add value to a home. They also maintain their value due to timeless style, and long life span.
Speak to a Professional
Industry leaders are capable of helping throughout the entire process. From design to installation, they are there every step of the way to ensure customer satisfaction and a streamlined process. They can help customize stone products to exact specification and requirement of the project, and are specially equipped to move the stone pieces from the factory to the job site safely and effectively.
Dealers have showrooms in order to allow customers to see absolutely all of their options. So go check some of the possibilities out today and get a custom countertops project started for your Oakville home.