Custom Countertops for Elegant Mississauga Home Design Projects

In this day and age when so many ideas have already been done, when so much has been created, and when it seems like everything is simply another recycled version of originality, it can be hard to know where to turn when looking for a way to improve your home in a unique way without monumental damage to your bank account. However making the decision to install customer countertops in your Mississauga home using natural stone is always a sure bet, not only for style and substance, but for the completely unique designs that are produced by nature, ensuring that no two pieces are ever exactly the same. With many different types of stone to choose from, the re-imagining of your custom Mississauga countertops is limited only by the designs you can dream of.
Granite – This stone is made primarily of mica, quartz, and feldspar, and comes in a wide variety of shades from off-white, light pink (salmon), blue, and into darker colours with tints of brown and deep grey. By far the sturdiest of the stones, it is a fantastic choice for custom kitchen countertops as it is quite resistant to temperature as well as scratches while preparing food. It is also widely used in bathrooms as it is non-porous, meaning there are no little cracks for water or soap and lotions to seep into.
Travertine – This substance is found primarily near hot springs and is made mostly of limestone, with a sort of sponge-like appearance. It is also often found in caves forming stalactites and stalagmites and can be a cheaper alternative for those who find granite out of their price range. However keep in mind it does not have the longevity of other stones.
Marble - Marble tends to be the most elegantly thought-of stone on this list and is often associated with ancient Rome and classic beauty. While not as widely varied as granite, marble can also come in a number of shades. But what is truly unique about this type of material is the veins of colour which run through it, again ensuring that no two pieces are alike. It is a fantastic way to bring a touch of class when installing custom countertops in Mississauga and as is evident from ancient times, this stone will surely last long after renovations and upgrades are required in other parts of the home. Just be sure to use cutting boards and pot holders as the stone could be susceptible to scratches if enough force is used.
Choosing natural stone for custom countertops adds great value to your Mississauga home, especially when the time comes to sell, and also tends to make a space appear bigger and more functional than it actually is. Pairing these particular examples with silver or gold tinted accessories and a corresponding wall colour will have neighbours and family members alike remarking on the beauty of the room for decades to come. Choose a natural stone today and get started on the best home improvement decision you will ever make.