Custom Countertops for Aurora Homes Create a Unique Look

Custom countertops installed in Aurora homes can add magnificence, value and a unique look. With a wide variety of natural stone options available, choosing custom countertops will be an interesting, informative and worthwhile adventure.
Natural Stone Countertops
There are several varieties of natural stone to choose from for your custom countertops. Several will be listed.
  • Granite – There are many uses for granite around the home. This hard, durable and uniquely beautiful stone is a popular choice for countertops. When choosing granite for your kitchen or bathroom countertop it is wise to decide ahead whether you will go with a slab counter or individual tiles. Slabs are a more practical choice with granite as it is difficult to match the edges without showing a seam. With that said however, if you have an unusually shaped counter space, joining two or more slab pieces could become necessary anyways. Granite is extremely durable and can withstand heat, moisture and many types of spills. This natural stone option is non-porous and therefore it is easily cleaned and sanitized. These are some of the main reasons granite is becoming a number one choice of homeowners for custom countertops. Granite's distinctive colours and markings make it an exceptional addition to any decor.
  • Marble – This natural stone has always been a popular choice as counter, floor and wall surfaces in the home. Marble has many unique colourings and markings that make this natural stone a true beauty in any application. Marble custom countertops are an affordable way to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom. This stone is at its best if it is maintained properly and sealed regularly to avoid staining and damage from food and moisture. Marble also has a habit of becoming scratched or etched over time. The benefit of this softer stone however is it can be buffed, or honed in place, so there is no need to remove the countertop to revitalize it. Marble can be installed as a slab or as tiles, similar to granite, however marble's gorgeous striations and colourings make it easier to match without apparent seams.
  • Ceramic – While ceramic is not a natural stone, it is a stone like material. Custom countertops made from ceramic tiles are as unique and beautiful as the natural stone ones are. While countertops in the kitchen have more of a need to be smooth with minimal grout lines, bathroom countertops have more texture option availability. This makes ceramic tile an excellent option for custom countertops in the bathroom. These tiles are durable, moisture, stain and scratch proof and they are easily cleaned and sanitized, which is extremely important in the bathroom. Ceramic tiles used for countertops gives the designer a wide variety of options for colours, patterns and overall designs.
As you can see there is a wide variety of material for custom countertops. This is just a small sampling of the options that are available for your custom countertop project for your Aurora home. Your local natural stone retailer in Aurora will be more than happy to discuss all the options available to make your custom countertop renovation a spectacular accomplishment.