Engineered Stone as a Viable Alternative to Marble and Granite

Stunning Kitchen Countertops Made From Engineered Stone
Engineered Stone provides homeowners with a viable alternative to marble and graniteEngineered stone is becoming increasingly popular in home renovations, mainly in the use of bathroom and kitchen countertops. It is a factory made material that is composed of resin and rock. Similar to natural stone in numerous ways, engineered stone offers many of the same benefits of granite.
Noted for its durability, this product is an ideal material for countertops that are exposed to a high level of use. Chefs tend to enjoy engineered stone as it is easy to keep clean, and it is heat and scratch resistant.
Those who select natural stone products must choose from the natural shades that the marble or granite comes in. Engineered stone, on the other hand, comes in a wider range of colours that some may find appeal to their tastes and decoration schemes better.
Durability and Functionality
While there are many beautiful materials homeowners can choose from when it comes to renovations, it is important to keep both durability and functionality in mind. Any type of upgrade must be considered to be an investment, so the following factors should be thought of when picking materials:
1 - Longevity – Will the material remain stylish?
Natural stone products such as marble and granite have been used for centuries in various different structures and buildings. These spaces have all retained their original, natural beauty. Stone products have long been considered desirable and the essence of both style and classic elegance. As such, engineered stone is considered to be a stone product and will also maintain its appeal for years.
Many people conduct renovation upgrades to their kitchens and bathrooms, only to be forced to renovate again down the line. Materials such as linoleum designs are quick to fall out of style and as a result, a recently renovated room can quickly end up looking out of date.
2- Durability – Is the material scratch and heat resistant?
Due to how frequently rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom are used, countertops are susceptible to becoming damaged and worn far before their time. By implementing engineered stone countertops, homeowners can rest assured that their investment is protected from damage that can occur, such as scratches from knives or heat from pots and pans.
3 – Maintenance – Is the material easy to clean?
There is nothing worse than a material that readily absorbs stains and requires an intricate cleaning process. New countertops are meant to be freely used and enjoyed, not slaved over. Engineered stone is easy to keep clean and maintain.
4 – Healthy – Is the material conducive to a healthy lifestyle?
Engineered stone is non-porous, meaning that bacteria cannot easily grab hold and stay on countertops used by your family on a daily basis. By utilizing this material, homeowners can rest assured that mold and other dangerous bacteria are not remaining in places that can affect their loved ones.
Engineered stone provides homeowners with stunning countertop options that will retain their beauty and value for years to come. Consult with stone professionals who can provide top service and advice on how to best implement this look into your home.