Where can you get exotic granite slab in Toronto?

By Nola
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Shopping for Exotic Granite Slab in Toronto


Much like jewelry, exotic granite slab for your home is available in a wide variety of styles and colours.


Think of exotic granite slabs like this: while many people prefer to wear pearls, others make a more dramatic statement by sporting brilliantly coloured gemstones in unique settings.


So it is with exotic granite slab accents and elements in your home. Your neighbours may prefer to play it safe by installing a kitchen counter in classic white and black marble, or bathroom tile in neutral beige granite. But if you have the vision, why not opt for granite that features a sparkle honeycomb patterning, or deep red streaks? A granite mantel or fireplace in navy flecked with silver can become the centerpiece of your home. A wall or countertop in stunning Blue Baha Exotic Granite will become the focus for your kitchen. Choosing unusual coloured stone, such as the Oasis Exotic Granite can turn your utilitarian bathroom into a luxurious spa.


It is essential that you look farther than your local chain hardware or big box store to find exotic granite slab in Toronto. When you’re looking for a unique type of natural stone element, you need to speak to people who are knowledgeable about what’s available to you. Here are some points to consider when choosing an exotic granite slab supplier for your Toronto home:

  • Inventory. Does the company have a large inventory of exotic granite slab on hand? Can you visit their showroom to look at a variety of granite slab? Do they import their own natural stone?
  • Prices. How do the company’s prices compare to other companies?
  • Reputation. Does the company have a lot of testimonials from past customers? Will they put you in touch with a recent exotic granite slab customer so that you can talk to them about their experience of the company?
  • Knowledge. Can representatives of the company answer your questions accurately? Are they able to make recommendations about how and where to use the exotic stone?
  • Longevity. Has the company been around for a number of years? Does it have a good track record?
  • Friendliness. Are the company’s representatives warm and welcoming? Do they care about the success of your project, no matter how small it may be?


Working with the Toronto right supplier, you will be able to create unique and dramatic living spaces using beautiful exotic granite slab.