Where are the best places for marble slab flooring in my Toronto home?

By Nola
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When it comes to style and sophistication, few additions to our home can rival the opulence and grandeur of marble slab flooring in Toronto.


When many people first think of marble slab flooring, they naturally recall images of government buildings, luxury condo lobbies, and great cathedrals, but many homeowners have found great pleasure in the installation of this stone in parts of their own home. Not only limited to hallways and foyers, marble is an excellent addition to virtually any room.


Did you know:  marble has been used in nearly every iconic building in one fashion or another over the last 2,000 years.


Here are some strategic locations you can place marble slab flooring in your Toronto Home:

  1. Kitchen – Marble is commonly used in the kitchen to add a little class to an otherwise often mundane room. But it is so much more than flooring – it is an expression of style and a bold statement which brightens up almost everything else in the room. These days, many kitchens are built with an open-concept design leading them directly into the “dining room”, which really is just a separate seating area. The addition of marble slab in the kitchen creates an ambiance that both rooms can share, or in many cases the stone itself can easily extend to the other side of the room, creating an elegant dining space.
  2. Bathroom – Like the wealthy ancient Romans, many people have jumped on the bandwagon of installing marble flooring in their bathrooms. With people taking longer showers, applying more cosmetic products, and allowing themselves a little more time to slow down, this is a room that was often overlooked for decades, but no more. Marble flooring in the bathroom not only matches extremely well with marble tiles or countertops without looking too “overdone”, but also makes the room feel more clean and fresh. When properly sealed, cleaning the floor is a breeze and days of getting on hands and knees to scrub will be a thing of the past.
  3. Entrance – The most popular places to install marble slabs are at the entrance and the hallway in your home, which make the first impression on guests, and with this beautiful stone in place the “wow” factor is kicked into high gear. Even a few simple tiles at the door will give your friends and family an impression of elegance that flows into the rest of your home. Once the tone is set, it is easy to maintain with a few careful décor considerations.

Where would strategic marble slab placement benefit your Toronto home?