What to Look for in a Toronto Marble and Granite Slab Supplier

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An investment in natural stone can seem fairly daunting for the average homeowner. With little experience or knowledge of the industry, potential buyers find themselves overwhelmed by the array of options available for those seeking to add marble or granite slab to the home. Many companies advertise themselves as the best marble supplier in Toronto, but most fall short of expectation in quality and service. An exceptional purveyor of natural stone will have solid industry experience while showcasing the natural artistry marble provides. How do you find the best marble and granite supplier in Toronto? Read further to discover what the buyer should consider when investing in marble stone within the home.


The Appeal of Granite and Marble Slabs for Your Toronto Home

Marble is a natural material that has been used for thousands of years by humans. It comes in numerous shapes, sizes, colours, and textures, making it ideal for those who wish to customize their home with personal taste. The classic appeal of marble will add luxury to any space and is extremely versatile. The stone can be used both outdoors and indoors, on fireplace mantels, on countertops – virtually anywhere in the home that can support the weight and structure of the rock. An optimal supplier will allow the rock to stay in its natural form as much as possible, avoiding major processing once it has been excavated. Toronto companies that import their own marble and granite slabs are the place to go, as a rule. Top companies will cut the natural stone selection into precise measurements for the client’s home. Care and detail is needed when handling such beautiful material, and a company with extensive industry experience  can be trusted..


Don’t Forget about Delivery

Granite and marble slabs are extremely heavy. It is important to find a supplier in Toronto who is willing to handle the stone with care as it makes it way to your home. Proper equipment is needed for transporting and experts recommend avoiding trying to install marble in the home without professional help. It would be truly tragic if a beautiful piece of expensive marble shattered into a million pieces on your floor. Avoid a disaster and let a trusted supplier do the heavy lifting for you!


Toronto Showroom Visit                  

The best supplier will facilitate a showroom visit and offer consultation services to the client. One should not choose a granite or marble finish based on sample size alone. A visit to a warehouse style showroom will help the homeowner decide on the exact colour and size of the natural stone for the space they seek to upgrade. A consultant will provide information on cleaning techniques and sealing responsibilities, making the process of caring for the finished product easy and carefree.


Natural Stone Investment                

Natural Stone  will last a lifetime in any space. It is important to start the investment off right and consult an industry-leading supplier in the Toronto region. With proper handling and consultation, the homeowner will be able to enjoy their natural stone on a daily basis. Call a reputable and successful Toronto supplier of granite and marble slabs today and discuss when you can visit the showroom.