What are the two main reasons granite slab is so popular in Toronto and the GTA?

By Nola
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There are two main reasons why granite slab is so popular in Toronto and the GTA:

Durability – Impervious to hot and cold and virtually indestructible, granite slab has long enjoyed a reputation for being a stone with substance. Especially in high traffic areas such as the kitchen, exotic granite provides a worry-free surface which can handle even the toughest situations.


Beauty – There are few things which add class and sophistication to a Toronto home like the installation of granite slab. Available in a vast range of colours and containing thousands of micro-crystals which refract light, granite pieces naturally occur in as many unique variations as the people who choose to incorporate the stone into their living space.


In decades past, granite slab was usually only afforded by the wealthy and elite, in part due to the constrictions imposed upon it by imperfect mining and cutting techniques. Granite is a physically demanding stone to work with from quarry to showroom, and before advancements in shaping technologies was often reserved for large projects such as public buildings or the grand foyer floor in a mansion. However with the advent of the diamond wire saw, granite slab can now be cut and shaped to any size and design for Toronto homes. With this incredible breakthrough the use of granite exploded exponentially, which lead to a notable decrease in cost, allowing the average person to indulge in its opulence.


The real savings however come in the quality of the stone, and how that relates to the upkeep of a home. Granite is the second strongest stone on earth, and clearly has been able to stand the test of time. It owes a great deal of its appeal to the fact that when properly cared for, it will never need to be replaced. While many other materials used in home building will succumb to the ravages of time, granite slab remains unchanged – immortalized forever in showroom perfect beauty for Toronto and GTA homes.