What are the newest trends for porcelain in the GTA?

Back to Home

The past decade has flown by in a blur with Porcelain Slabs GTA. Industrial innovations have led to breakthroughs in design, allowing for intricate detailing and patternmaking with porcelain slabs and tiles. This offered designers and buyers a multitude of quality new finishes that made the tiles look like wood, or even marble! 2014 has seen a bevy of new techniques and design that are changing in all shapes and sizes. Porcelain tiles are now available in wacky geometric shapes, bold and striking colours and special textures, leading to an interesting new year for tile design!


Back to Black


This past year has seen a rise in mixed media trends using unique shapes, textures and finishes in black & white shades. Geometry has been a key influencer with whimsical tiles made up of X's and O's and other fun shapes. Another popular trend is a retro mod look full of square tiles with dramatic linear patterns in black and white patterns. Iridescent tiles are also a trend this year featuring pearlescent finishes that add a new type of luxury and drama to a room.


Get Lost in the Woods


Porcelain and ceramic tiles featuring a woody look have been on the rise. New technology has allowed the wooden finish to become hyper realistic. Tiles are now complete with intricate knotting and graining details, which appear as rustic wooden planks carved by hand. The tiles are often made to look like driftwood, coming in beiges, whites and grey, to create an elegant touch when used as flooring. The wooden finish offers the beauty and richness of natural wood with the practicality and durability of porcelain, often at a lower cost!


Shape shifting


Who wants to be a square? Not us! That's why tiles come in all shapes and sizes. Newer technology has allowed for precise cutting, scaling and shaping, creating stunning pieces in all shapes and sizes. 2014 brought an onslaught of tiles reminiscent of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires replete with rich hues, shapes and mosaics.  These included tiles shaped in a patchwork of patterns that are accented with metallic and bold colours. Honey was another huge design trend crossing over many industries from perfume to wallpaper. Manufacturers jumped on this trend by creating beautiful bee-hive inspired tiles in hexagon shapes.


Mixed Media


As technology has jumped from a 2D world to a 3D world with 3D printing and modelling, manufacturers have been designing 3D tiles with unique textures. Instead of relying on colours to create a gradient pattern, one can now make tiles rise up and down like a wave, purely out of texture. Now designers can create multi-dimensional collections, featuring panels with different thicknesses, sizes and shades for a dynamic take on mixed media. Tiles can also be made to look like natural stones with rustic bricks or traditional marble looks. Designers are getting a little wild and creating pieces likes crocodile inspired tile! Evolving technology and stunning designs with the porcelain slabs trend makes 2015 the perfect year for designing your perfect GTA home!