Toronto Wall Tiles; Marble, Ceramic or Porcelain?

By Nola
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Toronto homeowners, where you can find styles ranging from classic and elegant to colourful and bold?


At top marble and granite slab suppliers in the GTA!


The best importers and distributors will allow you to discover a wide selection of exquisite natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles suitable for all your interior décor needs.  A word of warning though; selecting the right wall tile can be difficult given the many options in type, size and cost, not to mention the wide variety of colours and designs to choose from!


What are the differences between wall tiles and floor tiles anyway?


There are several differences between a wall and floor tile. Generally, floor tiles are thicker and more durable than wall tiles, as they need to withstand more wear. They also need to be waterproofed, glazed and may need to be textured to prevent people from slipping on them. Wall tiles, on the other hand, are usually smoother than floor tiles and may have a semi-gloss or matt finish to them.

What are some of the popular options for wall tiles?


Marble – An option that was once thought to be only for the wealthy, marble tile is now a popular choice for bathroom or kitchen walls. A natural stone, marble is a metamorphic rock that is formed by the pressing of limestone under intense pressure. Marble that is white in colour has very little impurities. The distinctive veins and beautiful colours in marble are due to impurities such as clay minerals and iron oxides, etc. The elegance and sophistication that marble offers a room is unparalleled and outweighs the maintenance it requires for durability.

Mosaic – Mosaic tiles are generally small tiles that are mounted on sheets and may be made of different materials such as glass, ceramic, natural stone or metal. From bold colours to muted pastels, from multicolours to solids, mosaic tiles can make any interior space fresh and beautiful. Homeowners can use mosaic tiles to make any pattern they wish. More often, mosaic tiles are used as borders in bathroom showers or as kitchen backsplashes.

Glazed Ceramic – These tiles are made from clay and have a sheen or glaze coating on the surface that is baked into the clay at high temperatures. Glazed ceramic tiles come in a large assortment of colours and designs. The glaze on the tiles makes them waterproof and easy to clean, making them a popular choice for bathroom and kitchen walls.

Porcelain – Porcelain tiles are also ceramic tiles, except they are denser, more durable and have a lower water absorption rate. Porcelain tiles come in glazed or unglazed options.


Wall tiles will bring a fresh feel to any room in your Toronto Home. You can choose contemporary, traditional or trendy looks with the many options available on the market today. Whether it is updating the kitchen backsplash or adding mosaic borders in your shower, tiles to suit every need are available at the best marble and granite importer and distributors. Making a statement with wall tiles just got easier!