Toronto Natural Stone Tiles: Questions and Answers

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Home renovation can be a difficult task that often results more in stress and less than satisfaction. The kitchen is often the space that requires the most attention as it sees high temperatures and high traffic. A kitchen can be given a fabulous facelift by making a few cost-efficient changes that emphasize quality and practicality. The installation of elegant natural stone tile can transform a musty backsplash or countertop into an opulent arena for the next Iron Chef.


Who is the best tile supplier in Toronto? How can you get in touch with such a supplier?

Follow the information below on how to fast track your kitchen renovation while avoiding disappointment.


What are the most popular options?

The most popular kitchen tiles in the Toronto region are granite and marble. These stones have been used for centuries and immediately evoke style and classic taste within the home. Granite is multi-purpose and can be used for floor tile, backsplash, or countertops. It is slip resistant, durable, and easy to maintain in terms of cleanliness. Marble falls at a higher price point than granite and is less resistant, but adds heightened affluence to the area when compared to ceramic or limestone.


What colour of tile is suggested for natural stone kitchen tiles?

Experts recommend sticking to neutral-toned tile in order to guarantee resale value on the home. Avoid trends and go with a calming shade of eggshell or camel. Once a vision is shaped, the homeowner should then hire a trusted and reputable kitchen tile supplier for tile purchase.  


Where can you get the best kitchen tiles AND get expert advice?

The best importers and distributors of natural stone will be able to provide clients with over 30 years of industry experience. A good company will facilitate a showroom visit and help the buyer with all the expert advice they could seek. Ideally, the showroom will offer over 300 of the finest natural stone selection – enough selection to satisfy even the most eccentric tastes and décor desires.

Inspiration usually comes from tactical experience, and a visit can help the homeowner feel more comfortable and confident with their kitchen tile choices.


What makes a Toronto natural stone distributor the best?

No two pieces of stone are identical, and thus require delicate processing to cut and shape the rock into tile. Stonework is not just about business; it is about artistry. The homeowner should make sure they feel comfortable and satisfied when dealing with a distributor. Choose a seasoned professional who appreciates the beauty of kitchen tile in order to assure investment satisfaction.  The best Toronto natural stone distributor will make sure all the  intricate details are covered like the thickness, finish, cut, size, shape and pattern so that the homeowner is satisfied with a seamless kitchen renovation.

Choose the best kitchen tile distributor in Toronto to kick-start your home renovation today. By investing in quality natural stone, your kitchen will not only look fabulous but also be supporting local business and organic materials.