Thinking of Getting Marble or Granite Kitchen Countertops? Start Here!

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Choosing Kitchen Countertops in Toronto

Choosing a kitchen countertop can be a daunting task.  It wasn’t so long ago kitchen counters were most often covered in thin sheets of laminate Formica. Now, Toronto homeowners can choose from a variety of textures, colours, patterns and materials.. New options seem to pop up every day!  Nothing can change the look of a kitchen as much as a new countertop, so if you are a Toronto homeowner thinking about updating your kitchen, you may want to start with some important considerations.


What points should I consider before deciding on my ideal kitchen countertop?

  • Focal Point: what kind of surface to you want as your focal point?
  • Cost: weighing what you can afford with what you want.
  • Value: how does your kitchen countertop add to the resell value of your house?
  • Durability: how does the surface hold up under everyday use?
  • Care: does the surface need any special attention? Are there cleaning materials you need to avoid?
  • Availability in Toronto: look for a quality retailer with a track record and an eye for detail.
  • Timelessness: kitchen renovations can be costly and disrupting.Choose a material that you are going to love for the next 10-20 years.

Two of the most popular materials used in kitchen countertop design are the natural stones granite and marble.



Granite is an igneous rock formed by slowly cooling magma, deep below the earth’s surface. Throughout history, artisans have used granite as the material of choice, from the ancient Egyptians building their great pyramids to modern day architects looking to make a statement. And it’s no wonder! Granite is one of the most beautiful, versatile, durable and popular of the natural stone used in home decorating.

When properly sealed, granite is extremely easy to care for. It doesn’t scratch, chip, or break, and is also heat resistance.

Granite can cost more than some of the other natural stone options, but is not prohibitive.  Beware of retailers selling granite for a price that seems too good to be true.  The slab may be thin, (and therefore weak,) and susceptible to breaking.



Marble is an elegant, slightly softer stone that age beautifully.  Think of Michelangelo’s classic sculpture of David or the kitchen countertops of famous French chefs who love the cool temperature of marble, perfect for making pastries.     

Because of its softer, more porous nature, marble countertops require more care and attention. But, for those who like the look of a material that ages well, this may be the better choice for you.


What are other considerations I should examine when choosing natural stone for my kitchen countertop?

  • Look for the right slab. The beauty of natural stone is that every piece is unique.
  • Placement: where is the hole for the sink going to go, right in the middle of the swirl that sold you in the first place?
  • Sealants: you will want to protect your surface from absorbing liquids or salts that may stain your kitchen countertop. Ask your retailer what kind of sealants they recommend.
  • Finishes: Honed, satin, antiqued or polished, you’ll want to visit a showroom to see a variety of surface finishes before making your decision.

 Natural stone such as marble and granite can be an excellent choice for kitchen countertops in Toronto homes.