Suggestions on Where to Use Marble in Toronto Homes

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The variety of colours, shapes and designs of marble allows a homeowner to incorporate marble in almost any room in the house.

  • Marble tiles can be used as countertops, adding an elegant and sophisticated feel to the kitchen.
  • Trimmings from a marble slab countertop can be used to make matching coffee and end tables for the living room.
  • Marble tiles can be used as flooring which will add to the aesthetic value of the home. The beauty of marble floor tiles is unsurpassed compared to some other flooring options a homeowner may be considering. This floor tile option can be used in almost any room in the home. Area rugs can be used to tie the pattern of the marble into the other design elements in the room. Marble floor tile will remain as a monument to itself, with the result bound to be viewed as an artistic statement. Marble tiles add a beautiful and unique appearance to fireplace mantels.
  • A homeowner has the potential to make a strong décor statement by including a marble fireplace mantel. When you include a marble mantel, you can instantly take the quality of your home up several notches with such a truly unique piece. This elegant addition to a home will turn the focus onto something that brings warmth and comfort.
  • Marble can even be used outside the home to pave walkways adding an elegant look and feel to the entrance of the home. A homeowner can use their imagination to create an artistic feel throughout the home.

There is no denying that Toronto marble is an excellent addition to the home in whatever room or rooms a homeowner decides to use it. It can make a world of difference to the visual appeal, elegance and artistic beauty of the home.