Porcelain Slab Trends in Toronto with TPT

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Porcelain Slab Toronto: Thin Porcelain Tiles

Thin porcelain slab and tile surfaces are a major design trend of 2015. Recently a new type of ultra-thin, large-format porcelain tile has been dominating the tile industry. "Thin Porcelain Tile" (TPT), generally comes in a standard measurement of 5 feet 5 x 10 feet in length x width. The tile is loved for its narrow size, which ranges from 3 - 6 mm for furniture and 12 mm for countertops. It is for these reasons that the tile has become a popular choice for professionals and homeowners alike. Beyond the tile's unique dimensions it is also favoured for its aesthetics and durability.


Weighing in on Thin Porcelain Tile and Slab

The Tile Council of North America (TCNA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have yet to set a product standard on manufacturing TPT and therefore professionals have worked together to create their own guidelines and criteria to upkeep quality and best practices. The thicker the tile the easier it is to install, as it offers more resilience versus thinner porcelain is brittle and prone to breakage and chipping. This is why TPT needs to be purchased from an experienced supplier and is recommended for indoor usage.


Where to Put TPT

Designers are buzzing about the new possibilities TPT gives. It can offer a fresh and modern look to any room and has been sighted in all sorts of places -- like retail stores, cafeterias, private coffee shops and even fireplaces.  The tiles can create breathtaking and unique surfaces for wall and floors. A few years back when TPT was introduced the tiles came in a limited range of patterns and shades. Now they're cropping up in a wide variety of colours and patterns, that includes rich woods, luxurious stones, or unique artistic styles. One can even get the tiles customized with a digital image file that can be reproduced on the tile! The possibilities with TPT are endless!


Endless Possibilities

The potential of TPT is vast, as they come in 50 basic shades, with new colour options every day. Special finishes lend the tile unique designs, patterns, and veining. This not only adds to the aesthetic capabilities of TPT but also lets designers mimic the beauty of natural stones like marble and granite! Once the tiles have fully passed through final research and testing stages they are predicted to become the perfect tile that blends interiors and exteriors. Not only is TPT beautiful it is also easy to maintain and clean but scratch, fire, water, and stain resistant! It is also 100% natural and recyclable which makes this tile an eco-friendly option! Another amazing benefit of the TPT is that it can actually be laid over pre-existing floors, as long as they have a flat and level surface. This means you have less waste adding to the greener aspects of TPT. In essence, porcelain is the perfect slab or tile for your Toronto home; it is lightweight and long-lasting, offers countless colours and patterns, while reducing our carbon footprint! What's not to love?