Natural Stone Slabs - Granite, Marble and Quartzite for Your Toronto Home

By Nola
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When you’re planning a home renovation, you want to make sure that you satisfy a few very important priorities. First, you want the end result to look great; there’s no point in putting all the time, money and effort into a kitchen renovation or bathroom remodelling project if it’s going to look no better afterwards than it did before. Likewise, all of that investment will be for naught if it doesn’t do something to improve the value of your home overall. Finally, once a redecorating job is done, you want the results to last; there may be nothing worse than having to tackle a renovation project just a few years after you’d already done one. For value, beauty and durability, there’s no beating the products on offer at your local natural stone slab distributor. Toronto renovators who incorporate natural stone into their design ideas are left with a beautiful space that boosts their home’s value and continues to look amazing for decades to come. The only real dilemma is which type of natural stone to choose.


The Resiliency of Granite 

A veritable byword for strength and durability, granite is renowned for its staying power. Whether your job calls for exterior granite blocks to withstand the harshest elements nature can dish out, or durable granite floor tiles to keep your home’s high-traffic areas in pristine shape under great stress and frequent use, this natural stone product is more than up to the task. Luckily, it does all of this while looking great, thanks to its intricate geometric patterns that lend an understated style and luminous class to any space.


The Beauty of Marble

With swirling patterns of colour, a huge variety of hues and tones, and an unmistakable depth, marble has forever been coveted as one of the most beautiful building materials found anywhere in nature. The addition of marble kitchen countertops or a marble bathroom vanity can transform an ordinary home into a luxurious and elegant space sure to be a source of admiration to all who see it.


The Versatility of Quartzite

Perhaps lesser known than either marble or granite, quartzite slabs bring their own unique and astonishing properties to any renovation project. Formed by a complex and remarkable process of crystallization in sandstone deposits, quartzite demonstrates a dazzling array of colours, and is found anywhere along the spectrum from completely opaque to nearly transparent. This astounding variety means that you’ll be able to find a piece of natural quartzite to suit virtually any décor scheme in any space you’re looking to improve.


Whether you’re planning a small bathroom remodelling project or a full-scale home renovation, one of your very first stops should be at a local natural stone slab distributor. Toronto has the best stone importers and suppliers anywhere, and by applying their knowledge and experience to your redecorating project, you’ll end up with a home to be truly proud of.