Marble slabs trending in Toronto

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Marble slabs trending in Toronto

Marble has been a natural stone chosen by many fine artists throughout the century to showcase the beauty of sculpture.  One does not need to visit the Louvre or the Borghese Gallery to see stunning works of art carved out of this natural stone. In present day however, marble has returned as one of the favourite natural stones used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, as well as beautiful floor tiles and backsplash accents.


The pristine beauty of the Bianco Carrara or the Calcatta white and black veined marbles certainly makes a bold statement in any kitchen and when one is deciding on a kitchen renovation – choosing the right marble starts by looking at a slab.


Being able to view and purchase a full marble slab will provide you with full control over the look and design of your space. You will know exactly how the veins of the natural stone will fall and flow. Purchasing a full slab of marble is the only way to assure your countertops will come out impeccably.


Interstone Marble and Granite has a beautiful showroom where you can browse their many natural stone products in tile as well as slab form. If you are considering renovating any space in your home, visit their showroom to see the benefits of working with full slabs.