Learn More About Natural Stone Tiles from Granite and Marble Suppliers in Toronto

By Nola
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Tile Suppliers In Toronto


If you are planning to install tiles in your new or renovated home, you may be daunted by the sheer number of places in Toronto that sell tiles. Big box stores, hardware franchise stores, and even online outlets promise to deliver quality tiles at rock-bottom prices. While you may be lucky enough to find the right tiles by shopping this way, there are problems with buying from sources that have little expertise in the area. Hardware and big box stores carry so many different products that they probably order tiles as part of just any other shipment Salespeople may have little knowledge about how and where the tiles were manufactured, or how and where to install them. Internet outlets tend to deal in “seconds” and tiles are often damaged during shipping to the end consumer. If you want tiles that will last and meaningful advice about products, it’s best to deal with suppliers who specialize in tiles.


Stone Tiles


While ceramic tiles remain popular and specialty tiles such as metal and glass are trending, by far the most popular tile for flooring, countertops, walls, and backsplashes is natural stone. Stone tiles are commonly made of granite, marble, or limestone, and each material has advantages and drawbacks.


Before choosing a particular tile, it’s best to talk to a knowledgeable stone supplier about where you will be using the tile and what type of effect you’re trying to create. For example, if you are looking for stone tiles for an entryway, the best choice may be granite, one of the hardest substances on earth. When properly sealed and maintained, granite floor tile will stand up to heavy traffic. Limestone flooring, on the other hand, works best in other areas of the house such as the living room or bedroom. Limestone is more porous than granite and has a softer, more welcoming feeling. Marble is a better choice for rooms that have a more formal purpose, such as a formal dining room. In addition, various finishes can create disparate effects with the same stone. Highly polished marble tile looks much different than honed or tumbled marble tile, for example.


Which Is The Right Type of Tile?


Sometimes the right tile is simply the one that you prefer. For example, virtually any type of stone tile can work as wall décor in a family room. Other times it’s best to consult with an expert. Granite tile is often best for countertops, although a marble countertop is the top choice of pastry chefs. More porous types of stone are not recommended as flooring in either the kitchen or the bathroom.


Perhaps you’re hoping to rent or sell your home in the future. In that case, you’ll want to consider neutral stone. Limestone is most often available in neutral colours with subtle patterning. If you’re hoping to create a dramatic effect, however, granite or marble are more likely to be available in vivid colours or have bold veining.


There are several reputable stone suppliers in the Toronto area. A good first step is to visit a stone supplier’s showroom to explore the range of products available in your price range. Ask questions of the knowledgeable staff, and find out just how to bring the beauty of stone tile to your home.