Granite Slabs or Tiles for GTA Kitchen Renovation Projects?

By Nola
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Granite Slabs or Tiles for GTA Kitchen Renovation Projects?

GTA kitchen renovation projects are a worthwhile investment into the look and value of your home. Granite is  a highly sought after material and its popularity is only increasing.


Choosing the right material to complete your renovation will make all the difference to  how much value  your upgrade adds.  Granite countertops, for instance are generally considered one of the best return on investment purchases.  

I want to upgrade my countertops with granite – should I choose granite slabs or tiles?

Granite is a natural stone that is unearthed in quarries around the world. When it is mined, it comes out as very large rock formations and therefore it has to be broken down in order to make it easier to transport and process The use of massive sawing machines that are equipped with diamond blades cut the granite into slabs. The granite is also processed into tiles this way.

The choice whether to use granite slab for your countertop or individual granite tiles is a matter of preference based on the desired look you are after.

TIP: Professional installers suggest that a slab is a more practical choice since seam matching can prove difficult and sometimes unsightly.

Choosing granite tiles for your countertop can also create a striking effect, especially if you use the same tiles as backsplash as seen in the photo attached.


Granite kitchen countertops add stunning appeal to the look of your home, and will definitely increase your resale value. Your financial investment will not be lost on improving the appearance of your kitchen. Not only do they add visual interest, they are also a practical choice for everyday use.

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