Four Great Reasons to Consider Granite and Marble Backsplash for Your GTA Kitchen

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Many homeowners are quickly gravitating towards the use of granite and marble as tile backsplash options for GTA Kitchens. Tile backsplashes are a feature that act both as a protectant and can transform a kitchen by adding an element of elegance to any sink or countertop area. The functional and decorative roles have increased the popularity of the use of the tile backsplash. They can transform your kitchen aesthetically while providing a shield against spills, splashing water, and stains. With GTA homeowners more prevalently recognizing the installation of marble granite and marble as a safe investment decision, tile backsplashes have become an easy and affordable way to add value to their homes.


Here are four great reasons to consider granite and marble backsplash for your GTA kitchen:

  1. Protection -It’s no secret that the kitchen can be both a busy and messy area while preparing food and cleaning up after meals. Something as simple as splashing water from the sink can cause damp walls providing an ideal environment for mold and mildew, which can cause further damage to your home. Water can also damage walls and cause damp patches or flaking of plaster. Granite and marble backsplashes similar to the countertop counterpoints, in that they are more resistant to scratching and abrasions, which can damage the wall or cause chipping of the surface coating of the wall.
  2. Maintenance and Care - Granite and Marble backsplashes help GTA homeowners maintain a safe and clean environment. Tiles are hard, water-resistant surfaces, which protect the wall from mold, mildew, spills, stains, and scratches. Any stains on these backsplash kitchen tiles can be easily wiped off with a soft cloth and mild cleaning fluid. Note that depending on the surface chosen for your backsplash, certain cleaning products may not be suitable for use. A hygienic kitchen is essential to every home and a natural stone tile backsplash can go a long way towards a cleanlier, healthier, and more magnificent looking kitchen.
  3. Do It Yourself! - Being that granite and marble tiles are a convenient size and relatively easy to install, kitchen tile backsplashes can be a simple and affordable do it yourself project that will leave you feeling proud to be a GTA homeowner. But not to worry, professional installation services may also be acquired for those who aren’t as hand, or would prefer to save the time and effort.
  4. Unparalleled Selection - Shoppers visiting a top importer and distributor in the GTA for granite and marble will be privy to a supplier that can provide an eclectic collection of wall tiles in a wide range of materials and colours. With such a vast selection, buyers will be spoiled with a wide array of options that can match any GTA kitchen and bathroom necessities.

Granite and marble backsplash for GTA Kitchens are an affordable and effective way to add functionality, value, and an aesthetically pleasing touch to the home. With easy installation and maintenance, granite and marble backsplash can complement any natural stone countertop or floor for a more clean and hygienic home.