Ceramic, Granite and Marble Tiles for Toronto Homes

By Nola
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When looking for the perfect ceramic tiles, Toronto homeowners have a world of options to choose from: rainbows of colours and multitudes of sizes and shapes.  It’s where and how you want to place them that will guide you in choosing which ceramic tile is right for your Toronto home.  Tiling is most often used for flooring in kitchens and entranceways, as well as countertops, backsplashes and throughout bathrooms.

Ceramic tiles are made of clay, minerals and water, and then fired at high temperatures.  They are commonly glazed with liquid glass. The coating helps to repel stains and scratches, making them very easy to clean.  Ceramic tiles come in many shapes and sizes, the most common being the 6” by 6’ or 10” by 10” square. Rectangular subway tiles are also very popular, giving a modern/retro look.  Smaller mosaic tiles can make interesting patterns, and may work well in smaller areas.


Ceramic Considerations

  • What surface is it being applied to? Whether it’s a subfloor or wallboard, be advised you may need to strip down to the studs to be sure there are no underlying problems that could eventually damage your tiles.
  • Are the tiles glazed or unglazed?You may need to seal the tiles.Glazed tiles are stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • What colour grout are you going to use? White grout can become discolored over time, so you may want to consider using a light shade of grey or beige grout.Coloured grout that blends in with the ceramic tiles can also hide any discoloration.
  • Keep the size of the tile proportional to the size of the space.For example, you may not want to use large tiles in a small space such as a backslash.
  • Highly glazed tiles can be slippery when wet.
  • Terra cotta (or earthenware) tiles have a warm, old-world look but may need a special sealant.


Natural stone is an excellent alternative to ceramic, and Toronto homeowners will have no problem accessing these versatile, beautiful tiles.  Materials such as slate, marble, sandstone, limestone and granite can be found in both geometric and irregular shapes.  Natural stone tiles can be used as flooring in entranceways, kitchens, in bathrooms and around fireplaces. Two popular choices to consider for natural stone tiles are granite and marble.



Every piece of granite is unique, coming in a wide variety of shades, grains and colours: from creamy whites to brilliant blues.  Even the names are exotic; Japurana is the name for a slab with a flowing pattern, while Giallo indicates hues of yellow or gold.  Granite tiles can be a durable choice for flooring. 



Marble is a natural stone composed of calcium carbonate, a cousin to limestone.   This natural stone usually contains other minerals such as clay, mica, quartz and graphite, which give the marble dramatic veins and varieties of colours.  

These include:

  • blue,
  • gray,
  • pink,
  • yellow,
  • black and of course, the most classic;
  • creamy white.

Elegant marble tiles can be used everywhere ceramic tiles can.  The natural designs marble offers make it an especially lovely accent.  Marble will need extra care given it’s softer in malleability compared to other natural stones, and will require proper sealing to preserve its natural beauty.  


Whether using natural stone or ceramic tiles in a home renovation, Toronto homeowners have wide variety to choose from.